Wer sind unsere Botschafter?

The ambassadors are our most loyal members. With their expertise on the website and pushed by the desire to help the people, they voluntarily help any user in need.
Thanks to their feedbacks, we constantly improve our services and can prepare serenely for the future of the company while developping an always larger community.

Was sind Bedycasas Werte?

Seit seine Gründung im Jahre 2007, Bedycasa ist immer gewachsen aber hat nie seine wesentlich Zielsetzungen und seine ursprünglich Werte vergessen: die Teilung, die Toleranz und die Verschiedenheit
Wir versuchen diesen Werte, den unsere Brand charakterisieren mit unseren Botschaftern und Benutzern teilen
BedyCasa is above all else a human experience, it is thus naturally that we have created and pushed the model of ambassadors so that everyone could gain something out of its creation.
4 good reasons to become an ambassador
You join a community that share your interests
Your are involved in the company's vision
you are well regarded and we value your expertise and your personality.
You enjoy exclusive offers as well as other advantages

Wie Botschafter/in werden?

To become an ambassador, its very simple. You just have to click on the following link and fill the information requested. At first, you will be Team leader ambassador : it's a mandatory step to evolve to other ambassador statuses simply because it helps you to join the community easily by participating to a community chat, to a forum, to a discussion thread and to the News Feed. This is the place where you'll have the most qualitative information about BedyCasa. Botschafter/in werden

3 Botschafters Profile

We have detected three types of ambassadors. For each of them, a form or a test will be required. We will contact you back within a week to let us enough time to really consider your requests.
All of BedyCasa's ambassadors are firstly team leader ambassadors. You know how to interact with the community and can spread Bedycasa's values around you? You want to benfeit from a sneak preview of the latest information and wish to talk directly to the team and to the founder of BedyCasa? You are a team leader ambassador! You will be able to take pleasure in answering effectively to the persons who need it through our community chat and in spreading the values that are dear to the brand. You will also benefit from advantages on the website.
You are curious, you love meeting new people and sharing your experiences, you would like to get additionnal income by visiting our hosts or recruiting new ones? You are a prescriber ambassador! You will visit, certified and recommend these hosts to the community.
Eres una persona activa en las redes sociales? Tienes un blog o eres una persona que participa en asociaciones o en consejos escolares o cualquier otra institucion ? Entonces eres todo un embajador. Podras representar a BedyCasa a traves de tus redes sociales para dar a conocer los valores de la marca en tu ciudad. Tu traajo sera recompensado para agradecer tu compromiso con nosotros.